Getting Started With Yii Framework 2. A Basic Tutorial

  1. Getting ActiveRecord to autoincriment the database
  2. Changing the charset of utf8.
  3. Removal of model() method in Post Model
  4. Update findallMethod
  5. Added Flash Messages instead of 404 errors.
  6. Removal of XSS Injection Vector <-- FML

How To use Facebook PHP-SDK with Yii Framework

First Time You have to clone the Facebook SDK Repository

git clone
How To use Friendly-Urls in Yii-Framework

How many times have I already read the question: How to create SEO friendly URLs in Yii. I show you a way how you can create it without any How To use Friendly-Urls in Yii-Framework weiterlesen

How to clean in Yii2 the bootsrapassetsbundle
'assetManager' => [
            'bundles' => [
                'yii\bootstrap\BootstrapAsset' => [
                    'css' => [],